Word and stuff and all that.

Nathan Alan McConnell is an Autistic adult whose 30+ years experience struggling through life in the Neurotypical world have given him the knowledge and first-hand insight to bridge the gap between Autistic and Neurotypical people. He made his first comic in a frantic attempt to find validation but found it meant as much to the Autism community as it did to him. Realizing that his struggles were universal to many Autistic peoples, he set out to bring clarity to people like him, and their loved ones.

His readers have followed him through bullying, unemployment, and job loss and watched him get married, finally break into his chosen profession, and now the birth of his first child. With stories ranging from a lost Autistic child to a successful Autistic adult, his comic [Growing Up Aspie] helps Neurotypicals understand Autistic persons and Autistic people get to know themselves better.

©2019 [Growing Up Aapie]

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